About Cross Colours

Carl Jones and TJ Walker together with Muhammed Ali in Cross Colours

 - Since 1989 - 

Cross Colours is back. Well, the reality is that Cross Colours never quite went away. 

The staying power of an iconic brand that stands for something: Cross Colours is the first clothing brand created for all people with a street point of view. Embraced by the rising hip hop movement, our premise “Clothing Without Prejudice” and slogans like “Educate 2 Elevate” and “Stop The Violence” made it iconic and fueled its meteoric rise, with support from top artists and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Run DMC, Dre, TLC, Will Smith, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali.

Cross Colours is the only brand of its kind, drawing love and respect from people who grew up wearing it, and those who were too young to wear it in the 90’s and are excited to be able to purchase it today.

While established artists such as Drake, Future, Rihanna and Chris Brown are already wearing our urban streetwear, it’s time to spread our message again.

Cross Colours was relaunched to carry out its original goals and support the movement for justice, equality and education. Inspired by the growing hip hop movement, Cross Colours has always been more than a clothing brand – YA DIG!

Cross Colours launched in 1989 under the premise “Clothing Without Prejudice”. Created in South Central Los Angeles by Carl Jones and TJ Walker, its goal was to make clothing for all people. The urban streetwear brand went against the drab gangbanger workwear of the time, opened the inner-city up to positivity, and introduced baggy pants to the Yo! MTV Raps generation. Cross Colours promoted education, non-violence and equality and supported the community through education grants, internships and jobs. Our iconic brand was the first of its kind with vibrant colours, innovative designs, cool graphics and positive messages, and is widely recognized as the brand that created the streetwear market we know today.